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The world's largest database of tire information.

Tire Library is a database of extensive and high quality tire information for standardizing the tire industry.

  • 400+ Makes
  • 13,000+ Models
  • 160,000+ Sizes
  • 12,000+ Images

Fast and Reliable

Tire Library is hosted on our servers, backed by a High Availability infrastructure. Get results in under a second.

Frequently Maintained

Our data is monitored daily by our highly experienced team who know the ins and outs of the Tire Industry.

Data Accuracy

All Tire Library data we provide is validated and verified by trusted sources. We aim to deliver the most accurate data and images.

Find extensive tire information with ease.

Need to find information on a tire? With Tire Library's advanced and quick search engine, you can find any tire in seconds. Tire Library brings all tire information into one easy to use tool, making your life easier and more productive.

Standardized and Clean

Tire Library collects data from reliable and verified sources, adhering to strict standards and guidelines, ensuring high quality information.

Frequently Maintained

We have a dedicated team working daily on keeping Tire Library’s data fresh and update-to-date with the latest tires available in the industry.

Extensive Data

Tire Library's has been around for more than 10 years, with constant enhancements and a focus on standardization. Our database has over 20 fields and follows the Tire and Rim Assoication's guidelines.

Harness the power of Tire Library's API

Tire Information and Images as a Service.

[1] Although great care is taken to verify all data, images and other tire information entered in the Tire Library, it would be unrealistic to guarantee 100% accuracy.

Our Mission

We aim to maintain and deliver the world’s largest database of tire information and images as a service, reliably and securely.